If you’ve been dealing with a glitch HP printer stop printing for weeks and are about to throw it out the window, don’t fret! It’s no fun to deal with a printer that simply refuses to print. To help you get your HP printer back up and running, we have compiled this list of troubleshooting tips:

1) Inspect the paper path for any obstructions. To do this, open the front cover of your printer and look from side to side if ink is actually printing on any pieces of paper. If not, continue checking other parts until ink does show up on paper again.

2) Open up the printer and remove any dirt, lint, hair and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Clean out the hose that leads to the ink cartridge and clean around the contacts as well.

3) Try a different ink cartridge if your old one is not working. Do not try to reuse an old cartridge because it may be expired or damaged. This can cause problems in exchange for a longer lifespan for that cartridge.

4) Power off the printer, unplug it from the wall outlet, hold down the power button for three seconds and then plug it back in. Try printing after a minute or two.

5) Disconnect the printer from your computer. Try to print a test page and if it works, then try reconnecting it to the computer to see if the error persists on your computer.

6) If you are using a wireless printer, try moving the router around and see if that helps with your connection. Try changing the channel on your router as well in case that helps with connectivity issues. If not, try switching out the router for another one.

7) Update your HP Printer Software and Operating System. Sometimes out of date software can be at fault for problems like this so make sure they are up to date before trying any of these other solutions listed here.

8) Contact HP for additional support by phone. You can give them a call during regular business hours and they should be able to help get your issues resolved.

HP Printer offline

Common Problems that Cause HP Printer Stop Printing

One of the more frustrating problems that can stop a printer from working is when it’s “out of ink”. This, however, is one of just two common printer problems. Below are some other common HP printer issues that could prevent your device from printing.

The power cable has been unplugged or the printer has been powered off during a print job

The paper drawer is not fully closed or there’s jammed paper in the feed; this may also be due to expiration date

A print cartridge needs to be replaced or inserted correctly in the case of an inkjet printer

There’s dust on the scanner glass (a.k.a. “printer bed”) or the ink cartridges are expired

There’s a problem with your computer; in particular, Windows or Mac OS. This includes hardware issues or outdated software.

All these problems can be easily and quickly fixed. If it is an issue with a print cartridge, simply order a replacement and install it. Be sure to do this based on the correct printer model number as each model uses different cartridges.

In the case of other physical issues, simply remove the paper, clean out any jammed paper (if applicable) and replace any empty ink cartridges. Dust on the scanner glass can be removed by using a wet cloth or an air duster to spray down and remove any dust that’s present.

If you’re still facing problems, the first thing you should check is that your printer’s drivers aren’t out of date. This can cause issues with printing and other aspects of using a printer. You can find a comprehensive guide on updating HP printer drivers from the official support website . Note that you’ll have to select your specific operating system (Windows and Mac OS).

If problems persist, it may be a good idea to try uninstalling and reinstalling the HP software via the support website. After this procedure you may need to reboot your computer but if all goes well, you’ll be able to use your device again.

5 steps to Fix the Most Common Printing Issue on an HP Printer

If you own a printer and are experiencing the issue of paper not coming out from your HP printer, there’s a good chance it is because something has jammed in your printing mechanism. Fortunately, for this problem we have found five steps that will help fix the most common issue with HP printers.

  1. First, power off your printer.
  2. Then, remove the cover to your printer by taking out the screws and then pulling it off gently.
  3. Next, check to see if any of the moving parts have gotten jammed or stuck in place by gently pulling on them to see if they start working again or not. This will also help you know if something is keeping these parts from working correctly or not.
  4. After checking the moving parts, you should check the plastic flapper in your printer. If this part is not properly clearing the paper, it will likely get jammed up in your printer. Here is how you can fix this issue:
  • Open your printer cartridge by twisting it off (counter clockwise).
  • Remove the plastic flapper and inspect it to see if there are any wrinkles or folds on it.
  1. Next, you will want to look inside of your cartridge to see if there are any pieces of paper inside that have gotten stuck on one of the rollers inside of your printer. To fix this, you will need to use a Q-tip and warm water on your Q-tip and then gently clean around these rollers, which is located at the front of the cartridge.

It is also important to note that if there are any pieces of paper or other foreign objects that get into your printer, this can cause them to jam as well. Before you even have time to think about it, these foreign objects have already jammed up your printer. It is advised that you check for any foreign objects before you begin printing anything on your HP Printer.

HP printers have the technology built in for paper jams and re-feeding but often times HP printers can become jammed with paper or other objects in them very easily.

HP Printer Stop Printing
HP Printer Stop Printing
HP Printer Stop Printing

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