Why Does My HP Printer Say "Offline Problem"?

When you print from an HP printer, it has a built-in wireless connection to your computer that helps with the printing process. Sometimes, the wireless connection can become disconnected for unknown reasons. With other printers, this may not be a problem. Instead of printing from USB without any problems, you may simply have to turn on the printer by pressing and holding the power button until it turns on. If these solutions don’t work and your printer still says “offline problem,” then try restarting your computer while all devices are plugged in so there is less chance of a device being unavailable during print job generation. If there is still a problem, proceed to the next step.

If the problem persists and your printer is still offline, then you need to take action. You may have a defective device or a problem with the hp printer itself.

The Problem May be due to:

  • Low power
  • Low ink

Obsolete paper tray (some printers are designed to only use certain types of paper)

As soon as you suspect that a faulty device or user error is the cause of this issue, please check these options:

Right-click on ‘Start’ and select ‘Devices and Printers’. Right-click on ‘Printer’ if you don’t see it listed under Devices and Printers.

Click on the ‘Properties’ tab and verify that the ‘Online Status’ is set to ‘Connected’.

If your hp printer is connected to your computer, but still offline, one of the following may be true:

The hp printer has been disconnected from the USB or Ethernet port. If a device is disconnected from a port, it may take up to a minute for it to reconnect. You can reset all ports by pressing and holding down the power button on a connected device for about five seconds until the power light shuts off, then re-plugging it in. If this doesn’t work and you still can’t print, try connecting it to another available USB or Ethernet port. Try uninstalling your Printer software. There are many types of printer software and each manufacturer has its version, which can be problematic. Try using the correct software for your printer and you may solve the issue before it gets worse. If this does not work, then it probably is a hardware error, which requires a replacement. For additional help, see Printer Problems and Solutions or contact an HP printer Expert by Live Chat.

HP Printer offline

Critical Error Messages on My HP Printer - How I Fixed the Issues?

You’re probably not a fan of error messages on your computer or phone, but they can be useful. For example, if your printer is going out of ink or paper, you might get the message “critical error: low ink/paper.” This would prompt you to print another page so you don’t have to worry about running out!


However, my HP printer was giving me all sorts of confusing messages and I didn’t know what it meant. I soon learned that my LEDs on the front panel were telling me which issues I had with my machine. When I’m ready for help at a professional level, these errors will provide more information about what’s going wrong and how to fix it. I’ll show you how to fix your printer when you get an error message.

What are Error Messages?

Most computer users don’t like error messages, but they’re really helpful in most situations. Sometimes you’ll get a more specific message that will say exactly what the issue is with your printer. This helps you figure out which problem is causing it and which part of the printer may be damaged.


Other times, you’ll get a message that makes no sense. You may find that the print head is jammed or something was knocked out of place when inserting a new cartridge into your machine. These errors indicate actual physical damage to the machine and often require service from an expert in that area.

HP Printer Error: Critical Error

This error message is one of the most common and you’ll see it pretty soon after you’re done printing. What it means is that your ink cartridge or toner cartridge is low on ink or toner and your printer isn’t going to be able to print anything out. The first time I got this, my computer was almost immediately shut down by my antivirus software! That’s no fun, but you know when the cause of it? The print head was jammed, too far down. I took a step back and looked at my printer from overhead. Two plastic pieces were sticking out from the top of a small hole in the printer. These pieces were missing, leaving a gap. I figured out that the print head was stuck inside the printer with these two pieces, forcing it to be stuck pretty far down.

HP Printer Error: Paper Jammed

This error message isn’t as critical as “critical error” because an ink cartridge or toner cartridge may be empty or there are no new ones available at this time. It’s a good catch when it comes to whether you’re going to have to replace your printer parts at HP Printer. However, if you see this message and then it disappears after a couple of minutes, you have a little more time to react.

hp printer
hp printer

The 4 Most Common Reasons for Why Your Printer Says Offline Problem

There are many reasons why your printer might say the printer is offline. This list will go over the top four reasons that can be easily fixed with a little troubleshooting.

  • Your Printer Is Not Connected to a Network or Internet Access

– Confirm that you have network cable and internet access on your home network. You may need to manually connect a print server or router with an Ethernet cord if you do not have an active Wi-Fi signal (check if your printers are already connected). If these steps don’t work, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Wi-Fi signals while turning off all other wireless devices on your home network.

  • The Printer Is Not Enabled For Printing

– Go to your computer’s control panel and look for a tab that says ‘Devices and Printers’ or ‘Printers and Scanners’. Find your printer and make sure the little box is checked next to ‘Enabled’. If it isn’t, check if any other boxes around it are checked.

  • Driver Issues (Windows only) – If your printer did not automatically download a driver when you connected it to a USB port of your computer, you can go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download their driver. You may need to reinstall your drivers after doing so.
  • The Printer Driver Is Conflicting With Your Operating System – If your printer is online and you cannot see it or a ‘ghost’ network has appeared, go to your computer’s control panel and delete the current profile. Then connect the printer directly to the computer via USB. After this, open up your control panel again, select ‘Devices and Printers’ and find the printer from the list. Right-click on it and hit ‘Add a printer.

This is a fairly common problem for people that have an old version of their operating system (Windows 7, 8) and are trying to install an updated version of their drivers for their printers.

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