Will HP 951 Ink Cartridge Work in My HP 950 Printer?

HP 951 ink cartridge are designed for use in HP 950 printers, but not all HP 950 printers may be able to accept these cartridges. Check the instructions on the back of your printer to see whether or not it can use a 951 ink cartridge before you purchase one.

Many companies make products that are compatible with different models, with or without other compatibility bars. Which means that there is always some chance that when you buy a product, it will work even if it isn’t intended for your specific model. However, there is no possibility all the time. Therefore, you should be careful before deciding to buy the product. So, how can you determine whether it will work or not?

  1. Check the compatibility bar on the back of your printer model you have. If it says the product is compatible, then the product will definitely work on those printer models.
  2. Check for the “Certified for” logo certifying that HP 951 ink cartridges are compatible with your printer model or not. You should check your instruction manual if there is any “Certified for” logo on it, but often there isn’t any and you may need to check online at manufacturer’s website to see if they did certify HP 951 ink cartridge as compatible with your printer model or not.
  3. If you want to know whether the product will work with your printer or not, you can use the compatibility testing mode from HP website. This test mode allows you to test if hp 951 ink cartridge will work on your printer or not. If it doesn’t work, then that means that it is not compatible with your model.
  4. If it still does not work, then you should return it for a refund and try to buy a different product that is certified for your model instead.

NOTE: Before purchasing any product, check its compatibility bar on the back of your printer model before buying it and make sure the product is compatible with your printer model first

How to Install HP 951 Ink Cartridges in Printer ?

To replace the ink cartridge that is installed in your printer, please follow these steps:

1) Remove the tape from the cartridge.

2) Lift up on the tab and slide it straight out of its slot.

3) Put a new ink cartridge into its slot, making sure to align it with the guides on both slots. Securely close the top cover without pressing too hard on opening button or forcing it past stop position. The cartridges should snap securely into their respective slots. If they don’t, remove them and try again until they do.

HP Printer offline

4) Close the printer cover and press the ‘OK’ button on the printer control panel to continue printing.

5) If any ink cartridges are missing or damaged, remove them and visually check to see if they have any cracks or chips. If they do, contact HP.

6) Don’t remove or install new cartridges if there are missing or defective ones in your printer. Just Contact HP 951 ink printer support.

hp 951 ink cartridge
hp 951 ink cartridge

What HP Printer Takes 950 and 951 Ink Cartridge Printer ?

If you’re an HP printer owner, you may be at a loss as to which HP 951 ink cartridge should be used. All HP printers use a black and a tri-color cartridge – the 950 and the 951. The difference is that the 951 tri-color cartridge has three colors of ink rather than just black and cyan (which is what 950 uses). So if your machine uses this color combination, it’s most likely that your machine needs the 951 tri-color printer cartridge.

Regardless of which one you decide to purchase, make sure your order arrives on time for proper installation. The ink cartridges can be installed with your HP inkjet printer or the compatible third party inkjet printer. Also, it’s important to note that your HP printers are not sold individually and must be purchased as a kit bundle. They all come with a full color ink cartridge and a black cartridge in each package; this is required in order to operate properly.

So if you want to purchase the right HP 951 ink cartridges for your machine, here’s some background information on them:

Although both 951 and 950 cartridges are black and tri-color, there are important differences between the two: Tri-color – The tri-color cartridges explode in different colors when they run out of black and cyan.

Black – Both the 951 and 950 cartridges have separate compartments for black and cyan ink. The main difference between the two is the fact that the 951 cartridge has a third compartment for magenta ink.

HP 951 ink cartridge

Another advantage to using HP 951 ink cartridge is that it offers standard page yields of up to 600 pages per cartridge. The only downside is that every time you replace one, you also have to spend money on a new black ink cartridge because they are sold in pairs. However, when buying cartridges online, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need buy two new ones! You can purchase just one tri-color cartridge and use it along with your existing black ink cartridge with no problems at all.

So to recap, the main benefit you can gain from the HP 951 ink cartridge is that, it’s designed for high-volume printing. It also works well with a tri-color printer, compared to its black and cyan counterpart. If you really want an affordable way of printing, this is a great option that you shouldn’t miss.

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