Canon printer are devices that allow you to print and copy your images and data onto paper. Canon printer provide services to users with a wide range of requirements, from those who want just a small printer for light work at home, to those who need sophisticated equipment that can produce as many as 100 pages per minute.

If you’re looking to buy a printer for your company or organization, we recommend considering the following:

– Whether an open-source piece of software like Linux would make sense for your needs;

– How much money is available in your budget for this purchase; and 

– The printing and copying requirements of each individual person.

In an office situation, where different people may have different printing needs, it makes sense to buy a multi-function device that can meet everyone’s requirements. For example, some workers may need to print off high resolution images while others will be more concerned with printing out drafts. A multi-function device makes it easier to satisfy everyone’s needs by providing a number of inbuilt functions.

For home users, buying a dedicated printer for each function (laser printer for text prints, copier/scanner for data copies and photos) can add unnecessary expense and clutter to the home environment. In this case it is best to choose a multifunction device that can cater for the whole range of printing needs.


Canon printers accommodate a wide range of printing needs. Whether you need to print out low-resolution documents, prepare high resolution photos or print drafts, there is something for everyone.

There are two main ways to print on Canon inkjet printers:

– Directly from your computer screen and printer

– From an image file stored on your computer

For convenience when printing from your computer screen a few inbuilt functions are available. These include Copy, Scan and Print. You can also connect your printer to a network using the network function to connect to an office network or an Internet connection via the Ethernet function.

The above mentioned functions are provided by inbuilt software, but you can also download and install other third party software. 

Canon inkjet printers have a number of inbuilt functions and they are easy to use. But if you require a more sophisticated device, then we recommend having a look at third party software, which will allow you to print documents or images directly from your computer. There are various application programs available for certain printers but canon printer support the majority of them. We recommend having a look at an app like Okular or Abiword for Ubuntu (see below), which will allow you to view content from .pdf and .tif files, so that your documents can be printed directly from your computer screen.

Canon printer customer support

Canon printer customer support is a leading printing service provider with over 2,000 Canon office locations to serve customers in the US. Canon printer customer support is operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your questions about their products and services or troubleshooting printer problems.

The company also provides trained specialists that can offer remote support from your home computer or other devices. For example, you can email any template or file on your computer for processing by our experts so you don’t have to worry about sending anything over the internet wirelessly. To contact Canon printer customer support go online at:

Canon printer customer support can assist you with the following:

-Network Connection issues – connection, connectivity, or access issues. 

-Print spooling and sharing – documents, photos, and video not printing correctly.

-Installing printers remotely – assist clients with remotely installing their printer software on a Mac or PC.

-Updating Drivers – Update drivers to the most recent version to ensure the printer is being used effectively.

-Resetting your printer – Resetting your printer enhances the cleaning process while reloading drivers and settings to factory defaults.

-Clearing Paper Jams – Clearing paper jams can be time consuming, not to mention stressful. Use our support service to have the experts do it for you.

-Printer Setup – Attaching printers and installing ink cartridges.

-Troubleshooting Settings and Faults – Troubleshooting printer problems like no power, paper jam, or performance issues.

Canon printer customer service

After the printer is set up, the first step in preparing it to print is configuring it. Depending on the model chosen, operating system and software installed, there are some settings that need to be adjusted before printing can start. This usually involves testing various ink cartridges and making sure that everything needs to pull copy/print as well as scale correctly for a particular job.

Canon printer offline in windows 10

canon printer offline in windows 10 There are many reasons why a computer might stop printing. Some of the issues can be solved with a simple regedit command, but in other cases, it is best to use the steps below. In order to check if the issue is something that can be fixed and what your next course of action should be, perform these steps:

1. Close out of all applications on your computer so you just access them through the taskbar.

2. Click on search and type in “Devices and Printers”.

3. Search for “Printers”.

4. From here, right-click on any printer you have (may not exist).

5. From this window click “View status”. If the printer shows offline or is inactive, restart the printer. If it works, your problem is solved.

6. If the status of the printer shows “Online” proceed to restarting your computer and check after starting up if it is still showing as online.  If it does not show        online after restarting your computer, proceed to scrolling down and clicking “Remove device”.

7. A prompt will appear with a warning to you about removing any devices from this PC, click continue 7b. Another prompt asking you if you are sure about            removing the device, click continue.

8. The last prompt saying that you will no longer be able to print for this printer after continuing read this and click OK.

9 . You will be prompted with a window asking you for administrative approval for the removal, click Continue, A prompt saying that “The device has                          been successfully removed from the computer” will appear, click continue.

10. After this the printer will disappear from your Devices and Printers list, If the printer does not disappear from your devices and printers list restart your                computer to check if this resolved the issue.

11. If restarting your computer did resolve the issue, you can proceed to setting up another printer on your computer in order to access it, If restarting your               computer did not resolve the issue proceed to checking out the rest of the steps below.

12. Go to “Printer” in Control Panel.

13. Right-click on any other printer that you have and click “Printer properties”.

14. Printing preferences will pop up.

15. Click the “Ports” tab, From this menu, click on the arrow to show a list of printers on your computer.

16 . The printers that are available should have a number at the end showing how many ports are being used for each printer,  The port that has a number                one is where your canon printer is connected.

17 . Click on the printer that has a number one next to it, This will bring up the properties for that printer, Click on the “Port Settings” button.

18 . You should be taken to a window showing the port you used previously (the one with a one next to it), If you are only using one port, click “Set                                as Default Port”.

19. On this window there will also be a checkbox in front of it to check if you want this printer’s settings to take priority over others.

 20. If you do not have any other printers, click “Use current default settings”, If you do have other printers, repeat steps 20.

Some of the problems that might occur when your computer or printer is offline or shows an error message are:

  1. You cannot access any applications or files on your computer
  2. You are unable to print any documents
  3. Any programs will not respond and give an error message
  4. Your computer displays a blue screen with a variety of error messages

In order to fix these types of issues, perform the steps below:

1. Go to Control Panel, Click on System and Security,  Select Administrative Tools from under System and Security.

2. Double-click on “Services”,  Scroll down until you find “Print Spooler”.

3. Right-click on “Print Spooler” and select “Properties”, Click on the “Compatibility” tab.

4. Select “Disable legacy support for”, Select the checkbox next to “Print Spooler”.

5. Click “OK” 5b. Close out of this window.

6. All versions of Windows 7 and 8 will allow you to print with network printers (to use a different printer),  If you are running Windows 10, click anywhere                off screen and hold down Ctrl + Shift + Esc until you receive Control Panel – Network and Internet.

7. Click on your computer’s name in the left-hand side.

8. Click on Change advanced settings.

9. Click on the “View network status and tasks” menu.

  1. Select the “Network and Sharing Center” menu.

11. Click on “Change advanced sharing settings”, For each printer that you have, right-click on it and select “Properties”.

12. On the Properties window for your printer, scroll down to Ports.

13. If you are using only one port for your printer, select this check box, Click OK., If you are using more than one port for your printer, click Next.

14. On the “Port Settings” Windows 10 window, click on the “Port” tab.

15. For each port that you are using for your printer, select this checkbox.

16. Click OK and close out of this window, Once done, select OK in the “Change advanced sharing settings” window.

17. Click on the arrow towards the top right of your computer’s name, Select Change advanced sharing settings.

18. On the Sharing tab, click on “Set up a new password…”, Select Next. 

19. Type in a new password in, Click Continue, Select Save password.

20. On your computer’s name, click on the arrow towards the bottom left.

21. Select “Add a printer”, Select Add a local printer,  Click Next.

22. On the “Select printer port” window, select the port that you wish to use for this printer (if you’re not sure or already know, check with your network                         administrator).

23. Make sure that you have selected the correct port – if it is not there, click on the back arrow towards the top left and find it there.

24. Click Next 26a. Windows should automatically find and display your printers.

25. If Windows does not find your printers, click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.

26. Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer, On the “Search for a printer in the directory” window, select Browse, This will bring up the “Select a                shared printer by name” window.

27. Select your printer and click Next. Close out of this window (use the X graphical control on the top right of your screen).

28. Find your printers’ name and select it, Click Next 30a. You should see your printers’ name on this screen. Click Next.

29. Under “Set as default”, select Yes, Click Next.

30. Select Yes to letting Windows manage this resource for you, Click Next.

31. Select the checkbox next to each of your printers and then click Add, Click Finish.

32. You should see your printer on this screen, Right-click on it and select “Print Test Page”.

33. Select Yes to printing a test page, Close out of this window.

34. Click OK, and close out of the Control Panel.

35. Right-click anywhere off screen, hold down Ctrl + Shift + Esc until you receive Control Panel – Network and Internet.

36. Click on the network for which you want to use a different printer, Click Properties.

37. On the Properties window for your computer’s network, click on Advanced sharing features.

should be content. We provide access to Canon printer support in many different countries and languages. The support team is available to answer questions, provide solutions, and resolve issues on one call.

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