Why HP Smart App Says Printer is Offline

As the device struggles to match the speed of its predecessors, HP found that many printers refused to connect with the cloud service, which is what makes them smart by HP Smart App. It was an unfortunate discovery that affected 11 million devices in total, but customers can still use their printers by resetting them. The company updated its security software and recommended that customers who have had any trouble connecting their printer in recent days power it off and back on again. Yeah, thanks peeps for not updating your printer’s firmware!

The hp smart app routinely checks for firmware updates for your model of printer and suggests when there are new updates available. Just power off (disable power to print) your local network and then turn it back on. That should do the trick. It also tries to let you know when there is an available firmware update available, but this message is usually hidden or you are busy chatting with friends on Facebook so you missed it.

Hp smart app won’t work until the printer is out of warranty or has been replaced due to a warranty claim. This doesn’t mean the device will break down because it’s old, it just means that HP has examined the printer under warranty and found no faults inside which would render it unrepairable without repair costs exceeding the price of a new one.

If you are still getting a message that the printer is offline, I’d just time the power-down to be just as close to when the printer/device will power up again. I also tried this on your phone and it worked within seconds.

Why Does My Printer Say Offline in HP Smart APP?

I am going to list the reasons why your printer might say offline in HP Smart App. It is important to note that not all HP printers will go on and say offline for the same reason. This post is meant to help you fix your printer if it says offline from its own error code, or if it goes offline after a power outage.

As I have said, there are many reasons your HP printer might say offline. Here are the solutions for all of them:

The common reasons for your printer to say offline in HP Smart App:

  1. Printer is not connected to the same network as your computer.
  2. It is powered off or has its printhead cover opened.
HP Printer offline
  1. The printhead has been removed (Ink Tank Printers).
  2. It is out of ink/paper or does not have enough memory space to store pictures (Ink Tank Printers).
  3. The power cord has been removed from the printer.
  4. The printer is out of paper but the cover is closed or the printer does not have enough memory space.
  5. The network cable has been unplugged or it has been moved to a different network.
  6. Printer Offline is caused by HP software issue (HP DeskJet Printers).
  7. Your computer cannot find your printer when you try to print using HP Smart App Web Printing.
  8. The power cord is unplugged (Brother LC-1000 series ).
  9. Connection to the wireless router has been lost.
  10. The computer has been turned off while printing (Ink Tank Printers). 
hp smart app

This is the most common issue of all, and it is caused by many things including:

  1. Your printer has its own wireless network that you do not know about or have forgotten about
  2. The printer does not have a wireless access point (Wireless Brother LC-1000 series )
  3. A wireless access point has been moved or will not give an IP address to your printer (Wireless Brother LC-1000 series )
  4. You can tell by the name of the network that is set up as shown below:

If your printer’s network name is “CNPT1” then it was attached to a wireless router with the following IP address range: – 192. 168.0.40 (10 addresses)

If your printer’s network name is “CNPT2” then it was attached to a wireless router with the following IP address range: – (10 addresses)

If your printer’s network name is “CNPT3” then it was attached to a wireless router with the following IP address range: – (10 addresses)

And so on…

For this reason if you see “The printer is offline or not connected” then please do the following:

  1. Click on Start and type in “cmd”.
  2. Type in this command and press Enter: ipconfig
  3. [ipconfig] displays your network IP address which will be something like 192.168.xxx
  4. Go to that “Network IP Address” and right click on it, choose Properties….
  5. Press the Sharing tab, and then check that the box next to “Home wireless network” is ticked
  6. Set your wireless network name (in the example CNPT1)
  7. Set your PIN (Password) and your SSID (Network Name)
  8. Change your network type to “WPA2 Personal”.
hp smart app
hp smart app

Why is My HP Smart App Not Printing?

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your HP printer and HP Smart App, try these steps to fix the issue:

1) First off, ensure that your printer is connected to the internet and has power. If it still does not work, restart it.

2) Ensure that you have the latest version of HP Print applications downloaded on your device (either Chrome or iOS). If not, click here for instructions on how to update.

3) Lastly, check the connection between this application and printer by going into “Settings” > “Apps” > “HP Print” and ensuring that “Start app when I start HP printer” is enabled. The application should be running in the background while printing.

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