How Do I Print Test Page on My Best HP Printer?

HP Print Test Page

This is a question that I had when I was in college. That time, there was only one answer I found on the internet: “Open a DOS prompt window and type C:\> print test page “. Of course, we all know that this won’t work with modern computers — those printers now require drivers or software to be installed in order to print anything. Nevertheless, the question still remains: how to print a test page on my HP printer.

There are several ways to do this, but the easiest (and most reliable) method is with a free program called LANDrivers . This program was made by an HP employee, and it allows you to control any HP printer from any PC. Why is this useful? Well, then, what am I going to use it for?

When I first encountered this program, I had a problem while printing. My printer was not showing up in my computer’s list of printers. Since the computer was a Vista box and I had the HP printer installed on it, I started searching for a solution. Most of them required me to download and install drivers from HP or Windows Drectories. Most of them also recommended contacting an IT person for help. That’s not always an option (unless you’re working in an IT shop).

Printing a test page is an easy way to see if there are any issues or problems with the printer. The benefits of printing one include detecting: outdated drivers, clogged ink jets and other possible issues. To print a test page, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a blank paper into the printer. If the printer is a color one, check that it used in the scanning mode.
  2. Turn on the printer and press (or hold) the key to open the print menu. Verify that your paper size is selected “Printer”. The following dialog box will appear:
  3. Select “OK” then press (or hold) the key again to exit out of the print menu. Print a test page by pressing (or holding) one or more keys on your computer keyboard until you reach Main Menu or Print Menu and selecting “Print Test Page”.
  4. Select “OK” and press (or hold) the key to exit out of the menu.
  5. Once the test page prints, verify that it contains text information and looks as it should on a page.

Note: If using a color printer, you may need to change a setting in your print driver so that it uses black ink during the printing of a test page. Otherwise, only the background of your printed test page may print in color while the text remains blank.

With a good printer, you don’t really need to print test page in order to know whether or not it is working. Testing the print quality by printing a test sheet after each use of either black, color or both is all you really need to know. A poor printer will show poor print quality when your paper gets jammed after printing it once.

One caution for those that have installed a network printer on their computer: Some computers (especially older ones) will not recognize a network printer unless Windows has already been configured to do so. If this is the case, please consult your device manual before installing the network printer driver.

HP Printer offline
print test page
print test page

Where is The Printer Test Page?

Many people have encountered a problem that the print test page won’t print. This is a common error, and it can be fixed rather easily.

Your printer may have stopped printing test pages because there is something in the printer tray that has caused it to malfunction, e.g., paper scraps or staples that are not removed before use. The solution is to remove anything from the tray before each print job starts.

However, many of these items that cause problems with the printer test page can be removed in advance, then stored in a place where they cannot be accidentally inserted. A plastic bag works well for this task. To remove the paper scraps and staples from the tray, place them in a plastic bag and seal it. Then put the sealed bag in a container where only you have access to it until after you have replaced it during print test page printing.

Occasionally someone will print off one or two pages of their test page before getting hung up on some problem that they don’t understand. The next time they try to print test page, as well as the entire printer installation, they are met with a message that something is wrong with the printer. If this happens to you, simply go back and print off another copy of your print test page.

Another common cause for not printing a printer test page is that someone may have installed a temporary tiny paperweight called a “Toner Save” into the machine, without realizing that it would cause an error message when trying to print off the test page. This weight can be seen through the window in your laser printer’s toner cartridge case and looks like a tiny piece of sand or gravel. If you have installed a toner save, remove it, then go back and try to print the test page again.

Another common printer error is a jammed paper path. You can usually tell if something is wrong by looking at the open slot where paper goes into the printer, and then making sure that all of your printable paper (e.g., letter, legal or 24-pound bond) is in place before you start printing tests. If you have just finished printing a test page and find that only half of it printed or nothing printed at all, stop printing immediately and remove any paper sticks in the paper path.

print test page

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